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Welcome to LaroFit

I’m sure you’re wondering what LaroFit is. Let me quickly explain.

In an effort to keep it simple, much like the purpose of this site, the name means full athlete. LaroFit is about all athletes. We want to provide you with information you can use, whether you’re a yogi or a lifter, a baller or a striker. What makes our site different from the others is that we’re going to deliver up tons of info fast. No more 3 page articles on why you should eat rice. No more 28 reasons you should stretch your hammies. Nope. We are about finding it, bringing it to you, and you gobbling it up in bite size mouthfuls.

If you want more info in a particular area, let us know. It is our job.

Thank You and Welcome to LaroFit

-Sarah Hipps, Founder, Fullaro and

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