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You’ve Been Using Your Barbell Wrong This Whole Time

Raise your hand if you thought barbells were purely for lifting heavy things up? You’re wrong. I’m sorry that I had to be the one to tell you, but yeah, completely wrong. While they are certainly good for that, the best use we’ve seen to date for barbells is in the recovery stages of working out: barbell rolling.

Foam rolling? No, barbell rolling. Why constantly spend money on foam rollers that keep losing their firmness and shape when you can have a more comfortable go of it with a barbell. Don’t believe me, read below:

“Are you still foam rolling the hard way?!?! This is definitely one of the best things I picked up at @vspsouthbay I hate rolling out my Legs because of the awkward ways you have to balance yourself on top of the roller. Instead use an olympic bar which has enough weight to get rid of those knots. You can use the foam roller to elevate and trap your leg for a super effective IT release like I’m doing here. Try it! Being able to sit or lay comfortably while I torture myself gives me a lot more patience in finding those pressure points.” — Mark Burik, VolleyCamp Hermosa

So, throw out your old rollers and stop doing stupid squats and use the bar for what its made for: effective rolling!

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