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2 CrossFit Myths Solved Before Your First WOD

If you’re someone who wants to do CrossFit but you’ve been deterred by the negative things you’ve heard about the sport, we have two ways to close out those concerns so you can safely join in.

1. Lack of Proper Coaching
I’ve spent time speaking with a lot of CrossFitters and have heard the same thing: yes, there are bad coaches, but there are just as many if not more who are great instructors. People joke that CrossFitters drink the kool-aid and completely miss that not every aspect of the sport is safe, but those people are certainly the minority. Yes, the way that someone can get certified can be distressing, but there is a significant push to limit improper technique training and to better the CrossFit name. How to know if your new potential coach is good at his/her job? 1. Research – yelp, google reviews, ask other athletes. 2. Ask them what their coaching strategies and beliefs are. The right coach will answer that they want to help you improve while giving you proper instruction and keeping you healthy. 3. Listen to your self – your gut and your body after a few workouts will know if you trust the coach or not.

2. Inevitable Injury
This is the myth that floats around outside of CrossFit about CrossFit. Rhabdomyolysis or “Rhabdo” is a real thing, but not every CrossFitter is experiencing it. Rumors would have you think that it will happen at some point though. Injury occurs straight out when you don’t listen to your body. If you’re blind enough to follow any program no matter how your body feels, call me, I have a deal to sell to you. Avoiding injury in CrossFit happens in two ways: having a good coach who will work with and correct your technique, and listening to your body for any sign that something is wrong. Believing that injury in CrossFit is inevitable means you have to think injury is inevitable in any form of intense exercise. To a point, you’d be right. You’ll scrap your shins and roll an ankle or get tennis elbow, but the fear of extreme injury is unnecessary.

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