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If You Lift Weights, One of These Shoes is for You

For every amateur lifter, there comes a time where you put away the Nike Free’s and you start looking at a more substantial shoe. You’re going to find a wide array of shoes out there that promise to be solid enough for your lifts, but the truth is that it comes down to a select few. The name of the shoe is usually what to look for, but there are lesser known brands that hold similar styles. We’re just showing a few and you can play off that. Here are the 4 types of shoes to try if you’re upping the ante in your shoe closet.

Reebok CrossFit Lifter Plus 2.0
This $129.99 shoe by Reebok is a step up from their original Lifter, featuring some awesome upgrades for a stronger and longer performance during your WOD. Reebok’s U-shaped, mid-foot wrap is heat activated to better mold to the foot and limit the “break-in” period. The heel platform increases stability and gives more back to the foot during the toe spring. This shoe will keep you dry, comfortable, and help push you through a tough WOD.

Chuck Taylor All Star
There is a reason why Chucks are the go-to for most serious lifters in the weight room. When lifting heavy in deadlifts and squats, its best and practically necessary to keep your feet planted. Pushing through the entirety of your foot can allow for a better feel and more stability, and can ensure proper knee positioning to keep the weight of the bar on your heels and not on your toes. These chucks are stylish and functional. Wear them on your leg days (or every lift day) and get the most out of your workouts.

Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes
Pendlay shoes aren’t too flashy and aren’t a pair that the newbie lifter will be talking about, but they are consistent and respected and worth the price tag. This pair is different from most with its single sole throughout the entire shoe, which means a longer lasting pair and a more flexible feel. These are excellent shoes for the Olympic and Powerlifter, and will be the pair you go to for months on months on months.

New Balance Minimus MT20
While the name says New Balance, these are found on the Vibram site. These shoes have the Vibram sole, which is great for traction and grip. While they are listed under running, they are great for weight room work because of their light weight but low and flat sole make. They are intensely flexible and maybe the best part: they are odor resistant. Take them from the weight room to the trail and back.

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