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Meal Prep Tips for the Family

For those who are trying to lose weight or eat to perform, preparing your meals in advance is the best way to keep yourself on track nutritionally, and to ensure you’re eating the best things for your body. Many people find having meals already made and in their refrigerator is the best way to drive past Wendy’s and head home to eat well. It can be easy to meal prep for yourself, but it can be pretty difficult if you have to prepare food for your partner or even more, for your children filled family. Here are some tips on how to create healthy meals for yourself, and your clan.

Cook Each Ingredient, Keep Them Separate
Some people believe that meal prep means having each complete meal in a tupperware container ready to heat and eat. While for the most part, that is true, and can be the best way for a single person, it isn’t the best when you’re feeding a family of five. Each person may have their likes or dislikes in each full meal, so the best way to please everywhere and stay healthy is to cook all the ingredients for the week but keep them separate from one another in various containers. That means all the chicken in one, the broccoli in another, the potatoes over there, the kale over there. When it comes time to piece meals together, you can just grab a bit from each and go. And for the kiddies? They are usually happy with a dollop of BBQ sauce on their chicken.

Find Foods That Are Easy to Transform
Sometimes with children, it isn’t always the taste of something, but the texture. So when you’re trying to eat healthy and just get the kids to eat period, try foods that can be made more than one way. Take half a sweet potato and eat that for yourself, and make the other half into mashed sweet potato for the kids. Same with avocado!

Prepare During Prep for the Unexpected
It can be easy to throw a few crumb covered chicken pieces into the oven to make chicken nuggets for the kids, while you’re baking lightly seasoned chicken for yourself. But there will be a day during the week where your kids don’t want option 1 or 2 or 3 or 7. Those are the days where it will be easier to stray from your pre-made foods, so its best to prepare for the obstacles in advance. While the nuggets and chicken are baking, throw in a broccoli, chicken, bbq homemade pizza on the bottom rack, freeze with the rest of the food. Also remember that eating needs to be fun for kids, so having food that can make a plate fun is important. Broccoli makes for great hair, beef stew pieces are great for a pieced together smile, and tomatoes: eyes.

Give the Family Time to Adjust
The hardest part for you will be the hardest part for them, the adjustment period. Many people sacrifice meal healthfulness for themselves and their children because the pain of taking away the cheese puffs can become too great for child and the parents alike. Kids will eat what you give them, and many will enjoy vegetables and fruits if thats a staple of their diet. If it hasn’t been, remember that while it takes time for you to move away from cravings, it takes that same time for the whole family. Give it time! The more you relent and bust out the corn chips, the more you’ll struggle with staying on your own diet. Keep it in mind, it takes 2 weeks to get things out of your system and to build habits. It may be a long, tear filled 2 weeks, but I assure you, you’ll get through it. And then you can deal with your kids ;)

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