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If You’re Going to Drink, Here Are the Best Options

If you’re reading this now, you’re preparing yourself for the festivities of the July 4th weekend here in the U.S. Drinks are being purchased and food marinating to be grilled! Festive weekends aren’t the time to nit pick what you’re putting in your mouth, mostly because no one likes a diet downer when they are slathering on the mustard atop a nice brat. This goes for drinks as well, since you don’t have to drink to have a good time but if we’re being real…you sort of do. If you’re concerned about drinking all of your calories though and looking like a beached whale come Monday, here are the best drinks and alcohol types for your fun little weekend.

This bubbly stuff comes in at a refreshing 90 calories per 4 ounces. Most people love to start the day with Mimosas, but no one said you can’t enjoy them at night either. Think about it, if you’re sipping a low calorie drink with a healthy juice, you’re practically feeding the body nutrition. Right?

Fair Quinoa Vodka
So, I’m not one to want quinoa in my liquor, but I am all for my vodka being made more healthily and with good intentions. Fair Spirits is about organic and fair trade harvesting, with only the best ingredients. Their brand sports a lower calorie count because of its quinoa base, and it’s gluten free label will make every woman in the continental united states very happy.

Yuengling Light
While not everyone wants to chug a light beer, choosing this option can be a big help for your waistline when the party is over. Yuengling Light is a full bodied beer that weighs in at 100 calories per bottle. It still clocks in at the 3.6% content, so you’re not losing much from the regular Yuengling, but at least this one will keep you feeling better through the night.

Bacardi and Diet Coke
This traditional drink is a mere 96 calories and lets be real, can get your wherever you’re trying to go for the night much faster than a beer might. This drink is easy and cheap to make and two of these adds up to less than 1 beer for the majority out there.

Surprisingly enough, 125 calories live in a nice 12oz glass of Guinness. Its a 4.2% content, and combined with a much better taste than most of the lighter beers you’d think to go to, this beer is only about 15 calories more than your typical Budweiser. You know what they say, once you do Draught…

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