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6 Things Fitness Lovers Are Tired of Hearing

When you workout a decent amount, no matter what sport, there are things you’re surely tired of hearing. Of course every person that has a passion for something gets tired of hearing certain things, but since this is a fitness site, we’ll stick to that. Here are the top things fitness lovers would be happy to never hear again.

1. You Need to Meet My Friend’s Nephew’s Brother, He Does What You Do!
We appreciate the fact that you see our passion and want to connect us to someone you sort of know that has the same passion, but we get this so much (and about people who aren’t really that into fitness) that its almost like me trying to connect you to this person that happens to use coupons at the grocery store too. Sometimes it does work out, where we meet someone that we can bounce sport tips and ideas off of, but most of the time its just a quick, “oh you do X too? How long? Thats cool”. We don’t need to meet every person you know that workouts, but we appreciate the thought nonetheless.

2. It Doesn’t Look That Hard
I use to hear this all of the time when I played Volleyball. Because apparently Volleyball as a whole doesn’t illicit a high “difficulty rating” for those watching it. Somehow using your hands to bounce a ball up and down looks much harder than lets say, directing a hard hit ball off of your arms towards a specific spot. I digress though, as each sport has its tough spots, but the fact is that looking at a sport whether it be CrossFit, Yoga, Football, or Running and proclaiming that you could go do it without much training is only a tad bit insulting to the people who do it all the time. Except they won’t really be insulted because they know you’re ridiculous and instead they’d just rather not hear your remarks. However easy or hard you think something is, just realize its probably 50x harder than that.

3. You Don’t Look Like a (Insert Sport Here)
While there are general physical traits for various sports – swimmers have the broad shoulders and cyclists have the thick quads – there are plenty of athletes who excel at their sport and look nothing like the stereotype. I’ve known athletes who look so absolutely normal and frankly, could be perceived for not being in that great of shape, blow other athletes out of the water. Some people need their body to be absolutely ideal to their sport of choice in order to be successful, others just have to get their muscles to do the mechanics and thats about it. You don’t have to be short and thick and stocky to be a powerlifter, and you don’t have to be super lean to be a yogi.



4. I Don’t Have the Time to Be Committed Like You Are
Yes, here is the generic response: We all have the same 24 hours. With that said, our level of commitment didn’t happen over night, and its something that we plan for, not hope it happens. We restructure our days to ensure that we have the time to get training, nutrition, and focus in. Some people say this with a hint of awe, really believing that they can’t find the time for their fitness or sport. Others say it to slight fitness lovers, as if we have less life to be living since we’re able to focus time on our sport of choice. The fact is that whether you do have the time or not, its 100% prioritizing. Many of the world’s major CEO’s are probably busier than you, but they wake up earlier than you to get a workout in or enjoy their sport. It isn’t about comparing, but if you’re gonna, keep it in your head.

5. Can You Train Me?
Many fitness lovers want to share their passion with others, so it isn’t your asking that is a bother, it is what you’re expecting. It takes time to write workouts, nutrition plans, practice ideas for ourselves and for others. People are busy and the time they find in their schedule to fit their own training in is often impressive. If you want to get better at something we do, you’re more than likely going to have to jump onto our schedule to make it work. Asking for help and then expecting us to take an extra hour out of our day to work with you isn’t the most helpful for us. If you’re going to ask for help, find out when we train and meet us. Ask questions on the fly so neither of us are slowing down too much. Ask for information in advance so you can have a better understanding of the gear/workouts/jargon prior to our time together. Ask away, but expect trial by fire.

6. I Wish I Was As Thin/Strong/Committed/Talented As You
We understand that you’re complimenting and recognizing our work, but there are only some many times that you can hear one person “wish” they could do something before you just want to scream, “Go Do It!”. We didn’t wish to get to wherever we are, we worked for it. And we want you to work for it too. Why? So you have the appreciation of the work and the pride of work done. There is something awesome about not wishing you could get to the gym, but actually going. And frankly, if we have to hear you wish you could look like us one more time, we’re going to throw something at you. Besides, the fact is that whatever we are doing just may not be a priority for you. You may want to look better or be more skilled in something, but if you really really wanted it, you’d probably be off doing it. It isn’t bad that you’re not that concerned with the same things we are! Just don’t beat yourself up for it. When it becomes important enough to you, trust me, you’ll do it.

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  1. Seth

    July 7, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    In regards to #5
    I would also add, put in some effort.
    We can’t make you “want” it….you have to want it yourself, and understand it takes time.
    We didn’t wake up one morning and hop out of bed looking like what we do, or doing what we do… was something we did over time because we “wanted” it bad enough, and we were going to make it happen.

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