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ESPN Bodies: Strength for Power is F*cking Beautiful

If you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple years, you’re no stranger to women running around with their “strong is the new sexy” slogan tees. If you’re like any other person, you’ve over this mantra. I’m suggesting “Performance is Sexy” or “Power is Sexy” because as athletes, strength is nothing more than the vehicle to increase their performance on the field/mat/court/platform. Instagram is so flooded with half naked fit chicks that we forget that the purpose of those muscles isn’t just to turn us on, but to be active. Each year ESPN reminds us that it isn’t the muscles or the physique that’s so attractive, its the power that those physiques hold. The performance that happens when you put those trained bodies into motion.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out Hammer Thrower Amanda Bingson, who is the epitome of physique for power. When people say you can be any size and be healthy, they mean her. ESPN did a remarkable job of showcasing an athlete built for performance and by gosh if she doesn’t look sexy while being such! If that properly placed tattoo doesn’t do it for you, her records sure would, given that she’s a champion athlete multiple times over. Of course you’d have to be to grace the cover of ESPN, who puts sex appeal secondary to medal count most of the time. In this case though, titles and sex can ride driver and shotgun since everything about Amanda is absolutely fierce and nothing short of epic. These athletes couldn’t care less about whether their aesthetics appease…as long as it wins golds and championships. As Aly Raisman states in an interview with ESPN,

“You work your whole life for a minute-and-a-half beam routine. I work out six days, 32 hours a week for the dream of competing at the Olympics again. Everything that I put into my body is for the purpose of gymnastics.”

If that doesn’t drive you to appreciate athletes on an entirely different level, nothing can.
Maybe its the hammer about to be thrown, the baseball in his hand, the basketball stance taken, or just the knowledge that these people are elite athletes, but their etched out structures are a strong reminder that performance alone is the sexiest thing about being an athlete. Winning, pride, and then happening to look like a million bucks. A perfect list if you ask me.

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