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8 Reasons Why Californians Are So Sexy

While there are many beautiful people in the United States, I think a lot of people can agree that the West Coast is really representing when it comes to beauty as a whole. Why though? We had 9 reasons for why, but a lack of water in a state deserves a minus one.

1. The Need to be Beach Ready
Try living next to an ocean and having to constantly be ready to spend a random day lounging on the sand. You better believe if thats the case, you’ll be in the shape you’re most comfortable with pretty much 24/7. No one likes an impromptu beach trip if they look like crap, so since that is most Californians everyday, they just happen to maintain a level of sexy other state inhabitants don’t always have to.

2. A Constant Tan Makes Anyone Look Better
If you learn anything from bodybuilders, or have just had a tan yourself, you know that you always look better with a little brown. With the majority of their days having that beautiful bright orb out, Californians tend to sport a decent tan for the majority of the year. Also, since tans do an excellent job of making muscles pop, they sort of help anyone look better.

3. The Expectation
The level of expectation for Californians to look good and be fit is pretty high. The general stereotype of Californians looking good didn’t come from nowhere, but it also doesn’t give much room for anyone to slack. Much the same way people assume Coloradans are all about the smoke, people expect a SoCal bro to look the part.

4. Competing Against Celebrities Even Though You’re Really Not
Let’s face it, when people say California, outsiders think of Hollywood. Even though that space encompasses such a small percentage of the actual state, it is a go-to comparison chart for many. If you go to Cali, you think that you have to be ready to be sized up against those who have paparazzi chasing them around. If people in California are use to just walking around with celebrities, they probably won’t think you’re that great, right? So you got to step your game up!

5. Its Like Getting Your PhD When Everyone Has Their Masters
This piggy backs off of the previous point, but the fact is that LA is filled with tons of beautiful potentials. So if you’re only concerned with looks, then you’re competing against a much larger pool and thus, you have to be on point. When a majority of people are in pretty good shape or at least decent shape, then you have to be looking pretty great. It’s like working to get your PhD just because everyone else has their Masters…you gotta do something to stand out from the crowd.

6. It’s Too Beautiful to Not Be Active
If you live anywhere that is remotely beautiful, you feel the need to be outside a decent amount just because it is so beautiful. In that case, you tend to be more active and thus, in better shape. When you live in California, you want to go for that random run along the beach because you f’in live on the beach! You want to go snowboarding because you’re snowboarding in Cali! You want to just be outside and be doing stuff. Its easy to be sexy when nature is encouraging you.

7. Everyone Has Way Too Much Confidence
The thing about California is that its filled with the driven, the actors, the wealthy, the talented. When you are making a ton of money, you tend to be more confident in general. If you’re an actor you have to have an unmatched level of confidence in order to keep being an actor. There is a rule about confidence: it is downright sexy. There is no doubt that California just sort of oozes that.

8. It’s a Fitness Mecca
This goes without saying, but when everyone wants and needs to be fit, more and more fitness resources pop up. California is a CrossFit haven, ranking #8 among states with the most CrossFitters or CrossFit influence. That is just one type of exercise. Californians have done an impressive job of creating new and innovative types of workouts to ensure their residents stay with it! It is much harder to be out of shape when you can throw a stone and hit a gym door.

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