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The 3 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes You’re Making

First off, don’t be this chick. If you’re not going to eat at a table, at least be dry or less soapy. With that settled…When I speak to people about their nutrition, I find my jaw is often hanging from the mistakes people make, but fully believe in. See, it isn’t necessarily their fault. When you look online, you can find competing articles about everything. One site will tell you to eat more protein while another tells you that the Cabbage Soup Diet is the way to go. The mistakes are usually very easy fixes and just take time getting use to. It isn’t a diet as much as a change in habits (yes I know, it sounds the same to you). Trust me on this, when you make these changes and see the results, you’ll be curious as to why you didn’t do it earlier.

Never Enough Protein
Men fall victim to this, but it tends to be a lady issue I’ve come across time and time again. The most common misconception is that protein is heavy or high in fat. Thats because most people hear protein and they think steak. Which can feel heavier in the stomach and be higher in fat. But protein encompasses fish, poultry, and pork as well. The other concern is about caloric intake. In an effort to lose weight, people cut calories (also incorrect!) and the first thing to go is protein and thus people are left with very bland and very green salads. Which practically ensures that after you exercise in an effort to build that booty, your body will just want to slap you and then do nothing else. Want to lose weight? Protein Protein Protein.

Approximately .8-1g per body pound (ex: 130lb person eats 104g – 130g of protein each day)

Following Silly Rules For the Wrong Reasons
If you’ve ever heard the rule “No eating 3 hours before bed!” and followed it even in times of hunger, then you’re someone I’m directing this topic to. The rule applies because more than likely, you’re going to eat some crap you really shouldn’t be eating like chips or pizza or cookies. That stuff will just sit in your stomach and definitely won’t be processed the way you wish it would. But those who understand nutrition know that depriving your body of food for 10 hours (if you 7 hours of sleep) can be detrimental to your goals. Unless you’re specifically doing intermittent fasting, going that long isn’t good. If you research, you’ll find a number of rules that people follow weren’t made for those who eat healthy and fully, but rather for those who are ingesting the worst stuff. If you’re hungry at 9pm, eat some baked chicken and broccoli. Your body will thank you for it!

Not Understanding “Heavy” vs. “Healthy”
I’ve seen people dump eggs and oatmeal for a nice big bagel. Maybe it has less calories than the fuller meal. Maybe its the portion size that is persuading them. The fact is that when people opt for one thing over another, they aren’t always knowing why. A bagel is processed and heavy and harder for your body to utilize for nutrients. Many people who suffer from portion control find that they steer towards smaller portions thinking they are being better, when in actuality they are choosing the wrong item because of its contents. “Lighter” carbs, or carbs that are more easily processed and utilized by the body are most vegetables and healthy fats. Try asparagus with a meal instead of a side of pasta and feel the difference!

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