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Illinois Showing Their Pride Through the Corn

Each team believes they have the best fans ever, but some team’s have more pride thrown behind them than others. Teams where this is true would be Steelers, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Cowboys. Another team would definitely be the Chicago Blackhawks, who snagged the Stanley Cup this year after a 4 games to 2 win over the Tampa Bay Lightening. Illinoisans have long since been the type that throw parties for their wins, with their giant parades and flooding of the streets. But for those that aren’t so much in the beer chugging and hollering mood, they can show their support in other ways. Specifically through their artistic farm curating styles.

This farmer decided that the best way to show how proud he is of his team, was to make it as big and wide as possible, and only visible from the sky. Next time you think you’re a real fan, ask yourself the last time you cropped an entire farm to show your fan support.

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