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Do These 3 Moves for a Wider Back

A nice broad back is not only a sign of health (I just made that up), but also contributes to a smaller looking waist (did not make that up). For those who are training to get that cobra back – or just slightly broader for stage purposes. Try these 3 moves that will definitely get you there.

These are an excellent exercise for fatiguing your lats and keeping tension where tension is needed. While people may use dumbbell pullovers in their chest workouts, these will hit your lats hard if you keep the ROM correct. Bringing the dumbbell up to or past your sternum will lend to your chest workout. Keeping the bell over top of your head and your lats tense will help with that broader back.

Kroc Rows
Most people see these and think simple single arm dumbbell rows, which they are, but on steroids. The purpose of this move is to go super heavy to help create that thick, round back. Created by Matt Kroczaleski, it only takes one look at him to realize he knows what he’s talking about.

T-Bar Rows
These are perfect for building the mid to lower lats. With the close grip, and the ability to fully control the entire movement, this move can be done heavy or lighter with pauses. Either way, you’re hitting the width of your back with each move and creating thicker lower half.

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