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BMX & Strength: What You Can Learn

When it comes to athletes, each sport has their own thing that they need to perfect in order to be good at what they do. For BMX riders, their ability to control their bike isn’t necessarily underestimated, but most outsiders don’t think of just how much strength goes into it. Why is BMX strength something other athletes can learn from? A lot of athletes concentrate on muscles that they believe will better develop their game or performance. Growing their arms, putting power in their legs…but so much of your performance comes from your core strength and stability. Something BMX riders have plenty of.

Don’t believe me? Try doing a squat, jump, or run with a completely relaxed core. Then try the same move while focusing entirely on your core, and only allowing your body to move through that stability. See the difference? Feel it, rather. So here are some moves you can use to increase your core strength but also your stability. You’ll notice some of these moves place your weight outside of your body line, forcing you to stabilize yourself in the way you’d have to in your field of choice. Try this routine a few times and watch your trail running (or other sports) jump levels.

Walking Lunges with Oblique Twist
This move forces you to stabilize yourself to control the movement of the plate, and to stay in line on the lunge.

Decline DB Bench Press
Too many people think core means only the abs, but you have to think bigger than that. This move utilizes your abdominals, but it also brings the work up into the chest for more control.

Military Press
Help create more power and stability with this move. Every exercise that moves weight above your head calls on your core as well, so this is a great exercise for the stabilizing upper body muscles, and the abdominals as well.

Full body moves such as the deadlift work the entire body and, when controlled, they help you work on your body awareness and stability.

Just like the deadlift in every reasons mentioned. Full body, stability increasing, power, strength.

Cable Crunch
This is a great isolating move to work your abdominals and control the entire movement whether it be straight up and down or in an oblique fashion.

Weighted Captains Chair Leg Raises (Straight & Oblique)
This is again an excellent move to isolate your abdominals and work them in all directions. You can add as much weight as necessary to fully work your core and whether you’re doing straight leg or in a crunch fashion, you’ll be able to find where you are weakest.

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