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Jen Welter, PhD, BA in AZ

By now you’ve heard of Jen Welter given her name is trending everywhere. And of course we need to do a quick write-up because we love chicks, we love sports, and we love diversity.

Here’s all the need-to-know info on Jen Welter, so you can be on the up-n-up. For any tet-a-tet’s. I can’t think of any more dash-n-dash words. I digress. People are making a significant hoopla because she’s a portrait of female success and empowerment. Here at LaroFit, we deem her someone who has earned respect. Here’s why:

Yes, Jen Welter has a PhD in Psychology and a Masters in Sport Psychology. Which means she can mentally ninja you on and off the field.

Yes, she has significant football experience. She signed to the Indoor Football League’s Texas Revolution, making her the first to play head-to-head (ahh there’s another one) with men. As a running back, she has taken a hit or two, but keeps on coming.

No, she isn’t a full blown coach yet. The Arizona Cardinals haven’t exactly signed her to a contract as a full time coach, but rather as an Assistant Coaching Intern. She’ll more than likely be hired as a coach after preseason, but as of now, she’s a glorified intern. Still doesn’t take away from the significance, though.

Yes, she has coaching experience. After her 2014 season with the Texas Revolution, Welter accepted a coaching position with the team, making her the first female coach in the IFL.

Yes, she’s tiny but mighty. Obviously, but at 5’2″, 130, the saying fits this chick. She packs a significant amount of muscularity onto her frame, probably stemming from her years playing rugby and female football.

Sort of, she’s opened doors for other women. There are two main concerns with women coaching male football players: do they know what they’re talking about, and will they be taken seriously and/or respected. When you’re a 6’5″, 270 linebacker, its could be hard to take a 5’2″ yeller seriously. Welter has significant experience, most of which other women don’t have. Years of rugby, being a football player both in a women’s and men’s league, and already coaching men means that Welter’s resume is hard to ignore and that she understand’s the men’s game. The pool of women who want to coach in the NFL and have that background is small. Will we be seeing a flood of female coaches? Nope. Will there be more because now people know what it takes? Absolutely. Do you need muscles like Jen’s to do it? Probably.

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