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Kilian Jornet, Possibly the Greatest Athlete Alive

I recently found out about a man that I would have assumed I’d hear about earlier, given his complete dominance of a sport and his insane level of fitness. You’re hearing about Kilian now because he’s a man on a mission. He has won every worthwhile trail/ultra race, some of the most difficult he’s won multiple times, and like your grumpy father, he doesn’t like repeating himself. He has now set his sites on Fastest Known Time’s.

What to know about FKTs:
– Anyone can participate in an FKT, as long as you have some reliable means of documenting your time.
– While I’m sure people have been doing them, Fastest Known Time became a “thing” when Peter Bakwin created the site as a way to track the fastest known times of major climbs, runs, and mountains across the world.

Some major facts about Kilian Jornet:
– Six-time champion of the long-distance running Skyrunner World Series
– Winner, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc
– Winner, Grand Raid
– Winner, the Western States Endurance Run
– Winner, the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run
– Holds the Fastest Known Time for the ascent and descent of Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and Mount McKinley.
– VO2 max of 92, among the highest ever recorded (normal athletes measure half of that).

Lets be clear, Kilian has actually been climbing his entire life. Starting at the age of 3 he was climbing higher than most, and by 5 he had climbed an 11,000ft mountain. The highest in the Pyrenees. To further understand the level of athlete I’m talking about, Kilian ran up and down Matterhorn in 2hours 52minutes. For a 14,692ft mountain, thats just around 85ft a minute. This video is only 1 minute and is worth the watch.

Kilian will either live as a legend (well, he’s already achieved that) or die trying in this new chapter of his life. The ski mountaineer is video documenting an attempt to set 7 FKTs for “Summits of My Life”, already completing 5 of the summits, with his biggest one planned for 2015-2016. What is that difficult climb you’re asking? Well its only Mt. f’in Everest! Kilian is planning a nice little jaunt up and down the most notorious mountain in the world. Mind you, he already took on the 22k Aconcagua in less than 13 hours (record beat in 2015 by Karl Egloff), so it is actually possible for Jornet to ascend and descend Mt. Everest in less than a day.

Just keep that in mind the next time you get a stack of emails done, run some errands, and get a nice workout in – there is a man that is climbing up and down mountains in less time. Normal productivity, out the window.

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