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Food for Thought: Love Grown Foods

Trust is important in a relationship, so let me build yours: this little article isn’t paid or solicited. I just love bringing things to you guys that I think are worthwhile, and Love Grown Foods happens to be one of those things.

A lot of people who want to get healthy or lose weight gain a fear of carbohydrates. There are endless diets that practically tell people to stay as far away from carbs as possible for fear that any bite of bagel or pasta will make them fat. While there are better types of carbs to eat than others, eliminating carbohydrates from your diet is an incredibly bad idea. That is one reason why I do love LGF.

Power O's

Power O’s

The line of foods includes oatmeal, cereals, and oats. I love this brand because they’re healthy carbs that encompass two main macronutrients that we adore: protein and fiber. Fiber?! Yes, you forgot about incorporating enough fiber in your diet when you decided to cut out all those pesky carbs. Here is the thing about nutrition that many people get wrong: you need all of the items listed on the side of a box or jar. Your body won’t perform as well if you don’t consume a lot of some and a little of others. The way you consume those macronutrients is what builds a healthy body. Some people eat water soluble carbs all day long while supplementing more carbs on heavier work (physically exhaustive) days. Others prefer to stack their carbs in specific times of the day, to which I’d strongly suggest in the morning. If you’re one of those people, let me break down why Love Grown Foods is a great option:

Half of Love Grown Foods’ products are made from beans. Like actual beans. The ingredients for the Power O’s (my personal favorite) are literally: Bean Blend (navy beans, lentils, garbanzo beans), brown rice, salt, and vitamin E added to maintain freshness. It can be difficult to eat clean for breakfast and still receive a decent amount of your nutritional needs. The Oat Clusters are perfect for hitting the trails and maintaining energy, and the oatmeal is just big enough to fill you but small enough to keep you within your limits.

You may be wondering why eating a bowl of Mighty Flakes may be different than Cocoa Puffs, but the fact is that each morning, eating a nutritionally dense carbohydrate is ideal for late day performance and finding protein and fiber above 3g each is nearly impossible in most morning meals. I’d try this clean cereal and oats brand if you’re looking to expand your meals beyond the requisite eggs and protein shake.

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