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Serena Williams: Woman Enough

Serena Williams just recently polished off another championship win, receiving her 21st major at the 2015 Wimbledon by defeating Garbine Muguruza and completing a “Serena Slam” by winning 4 straight majors.

Serena can be considered the most dominating female athletes in the world, and possibly in history. So much so that people just assume she won whatever tournament she is at, and her success is a quick blip on the sports radar for some. What hasn’t been so much of a quick blip though, have been the commentary on her appearance. You know, those statements of her “looking like a man”. Which, if you’re a woman with muscles, you’ve probably been called before. Serena put an end to that talk with her fashion cover of the New York Magazine, where she legit stuns in couture. Take a look at some of her spread below and let’s see how much of a man you think she is now:

We’ll just take this look of Serena’s as a reminder to say “Bye Haters” to those that just don’t know better…

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