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The Protein Chef’s Fitness Journey – Part 2

To catch up, take a moment to read Part 1

So week 1 – What happened? Did I turn into an enormous fat blob? Ermm – no. Was I still scared? Absolutely! What about my weight? Well – I actually lost weight believe it not. I’m not sure how, but I did! Dan attributed this to some scientific waffle about long term under eating but I was shocked non the less.

Weeks 2 and 3 I began to find my feet, I was determined to hit my macros – especially my carbs and I began to reap the benefits. I began sleeping better and I was starting to enjoy the energy the extra food gave me during training. No longer did I need to peel myself out of bed, I was motivated (probably by the amount of food I had consumed!) to push harder.

By week 4 I was hitting my macros daily and I had started to notice changes to my body. Ok, so I hadn’t grown a bubble butt and the delts of my dreams but I could see shape – hurrah!

It wasn’t all plain sailing and dreamy bowls of oats. I had good days and bad days. I had fat days (I’m still just your average girl) I had days when my IBS would play up which puts me off food altogether. I had days where I wanted to throw in the towel and go back to my safe way of eating that I knew would keep me small and slim. But I’m a stubborn person and when I set myself a goal, god help you if you get in my way. So I always picked myself up after a chat with my partner, Dan, Liza, one of the Chimps or with myself and carried on.

As as my confidence with food grew and I noticed changes in my mood, energy, sleep and body I started to experiment even more with food choices. This might sound strange given I run a recipe blog, but I usually would not eat foods I deemed ‘unhealthy’ and I wanted to rectify this. What did I opt for? CEREAL! Call me crazy but I love cereal so I started planning these into my day. Then chocolate – dark chocolate which is my favourite. As well as bread, wraps and white potatoes (shock it’s not a sweet potato!) and by week 6 I was including foods every day I wouldn’t have touched before.

I was on a roll! My body was changing, my hair wasn’t falling out when I washed it, my skin was noticeably less dry and I was so much happier. What bothered me most was my irritability, and this improved massively. My incredible partner doesn’t deserve a moany, irritable girlfriend, and finally I WAS BACK! Oh and did I mention I had a wee booty on the way?

What about my weight? Well it was increasing slowly (I gained a total of 3.9kg or 8.5lbs from day 1 to the end of my bulk) as per the plan. But so were my shoulders, quads and butt. Finally all the effort I had put into my training was paying off.

By the time I had hit the 3 month half way mark I was like a new person, both inside and out. I was looking at food in a different way. Nothing was ‘unhealthy’ and my attitude towards gaining weight had improved vastly. My need for hand holding had decreased, (which I’m sure Dan, Liza and Terry were all pleased about) and I wasn’t the size of a whale despite hitting 400g of carbs on high carb days by the end of this phase – happy days!

The final part of this 6 month journey was my favourite (getting lean – whoop!) and my least favourite (cardio – eww!) all at the same time. Look out for part 3 which includes my final progress pics & some strong holiday selfie action (you know you don’t want to miss that!)

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