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9 Things Only Bodybuilders Will Understand

When you compete as a bodybuilder, you experience some new things you never thought you would. It can be both a humbling and…interesting experience. From the awkward tan touch-ups, to the passive aggressive check outs that happen backstage, competing is an entirely crazy thing. Relate to anything below?

1. The Weird Uncertainty If You’re Black Enough

2. Letting Near Strangers Become Acquainted With Your Privates
Bikini Bite anyone?

3. The Excitement/Fear You Feel Over Eating Candy
In a desperate attempt to not look flat, you’re chowing down on Hershey’s and chocolate covered banana slices like its heaven, except you’re also afraid you may eat just too much.

4. Being Caught “Checking Out” Another Person
When in actuality you’re just trying to see the detail on their suit.

5. Endless Pictures
And snapchats and instagram posts…I mean…endless

6. Not Being Fazed By Tons of Men and Their Bulges
Being insanely close to them all day and act like you’re not peeping a glance sometimes.

7. The Awkward Way You Dress Yourself In Order to Not Ruin Your Spray Tan

8. The Weird Fear You Have About Starting Your “Pump” Too Early
Or late! You get up and start because everyone else in your class is. Then 5 minutes into it you’re like…well now I’m bored…and my shoulders are already pumped so should stop. Except no one else is! What to do!

9. How Oddly Liberated You Feel Strutting Across Stage Half Naked
And this is how you look doing it…

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