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Protein Chef’s Fitness Journey – Finale!

(Get caught up, read Part 1 and Part 2 here.)

So now it was time to cut. It was time to see exactly how much muscle I had managed to gain – the bit I was most excited about. But it also meant that the scales were now banned. From this moment on the numbers no longer mattered, it was all about slow steady fat loss whilst preserving any new precious muscle and how I felt. Besides, I would be wearing a bikini on the beach, not a sign round my neck with my weight on it.

There was no drastic cut in macros, just a small decrease to begin with and the additional of 2 x 20 minute HIIT sessions per week. These were sprints in the park or on the treadmill. (Just for the record I hate running, but I wanted to improve so opted for this. It’s no better/worse than any other form, just my preference.)

What about my diet? Well there was no drastic drop in carbs to my surprise. I still always had my bowl of oats or mug cake after training, and always had a bowl of oats (usually drowned in peanut butter) before bed. This suited me as the carbs before bed helped me sleep, and I train first thing in the morning before eating so it was acting as my ‘pre workout’ fuel. Again this doesn’t have anything to do with fat burning, I just prefer to train on an empty stomach and this approach suited me.

before and after

before and after

Slowly the fat came off, and I could see some real shape to my legs I’d not had before. My shoulders had really improved and I was filling out my bikini bottoms (you know I tried those on weekly!) I wasn’t starving; I wasn’t spending hours and hours on cardio machines or trying to squeeze in two sessions a day. I was still enjoying all the food I had during my ‘bulk’ – albeit in slightly smaller portions, but I was still eating FAR more than I had originally and I could feel myself getting leaner. Trust me, nobody was more surprised than me given I still managed to fit my weekly Friday night kebab into my macros!

12 weeks of this, with only a few small tweaks to my macros, cardio increased to 30 minutes HIIT and for the last few weeks an extra 2 x 30 minutes LISS per week and I was ready to hit the beach! I wasn’t exhausted, I wasn’t desperate to fill my face with anything that wasn’t nailed down and I was certainly happier. I even had an ab on the way – a freaking ab!

I jetted off to Greece on July 1st with my brand new body, but most importantly with a much healthier attitude towards food and training. I had happier hormones and was ready to enjoy a relaxing holiday without any worries of gaining weight if I indulged. Besides, we only get one life and what if I’d looked back and all I could remember from going away was the fear of weight gain.

Here are some pictures from whilst I was away, with a tan and a tummy full of delicious Greek food, cocktails and beer.

The purpose of this post, sharing my progress pictures and my journey so far across my social media channels and on LaroFit is not to fish for your compliments, it’s to hopefully help and inspire those who may have the same concerns I had. I want to show everyone that if I can do it, you can. My aim is to put out a positive message that you can overcome disordered eating and that many more people suffer than you think, even people who should know better – like me!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for supporting my journey so far and I hope you can share it with someone you think it might help, I’m sure we can all think of at least one.

Now let’s see what I can do in the next 6 months!

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