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Naked Yoga is the New Yoga

I had heard about naked yoga before, because of course, and didn’t really pay it much attention. But then I decided to do some research and find out if practicing naked yoga can be better for you than just plain old clothed yoga.

Not only is it the new “thing”as evidenced by blogs like Yoga for Men Only, but it actually could be better for you. I decided to try it myself (no pictures for proof) and I will say that it was a more intimate and somewhat freeing experience. Here are 3 reasons to try Naked Yoga…in the privacy of your own home of course.

1. Forces You to Not Suck In
And not even care. Here’s the thing, once you’re downward dogging naked, you can’t really get stuck on your tummy sort of sticking out. You instantly become comfortable with yourself even though you’re by yourself. That keeps you keyed in on the moves and “in the moment”.

2. Set Them Cheeks Free!
Per, the meaning of being nude during yoga is, “in its purest form, describes the resolution of conflicts between the opposites in life–finding the perfect balance between the deepest and most complete connection to the body, while simultaneously cultivating absolute detachment from it.” There is a difference between telling your body to stretch and move, and seeing each inch of it doing so. The connection and body awareness that comes from naked yoga could be beneficial in its freeing nature, but also to help someone understand the in’s and out’s of their body. Which for any athlete, is a huge necessity.

3. Self Love Becomes Abundant
If you’re noticing a theme, its because you’re smart. And I’m an artist with the words. Naked yoga isn’t about sexuality or being sexy, but rather, you connecting with you. Ultimately what can come of that is a lot of self love. Feeling a bit more free with your body means that you become more accepting and thus, more in love with what your body is capable of doing. It isn’t until you’ve done a Low Lunge with External Rotation in the mirror while naked, that you can appreciate just how garshdarn beautiful your body is. And you’ll see muscles you weren’t aware you had because you were constantly wearing yoga pants like a lame-o.

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