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4 Ways to Start Your Workout Routine Tomorrow!

Are you one of those people that are constantly going to start your workout routine tomorrow or feel its best to begin the work on Monday, no wait…next Monday. No…wait…next Monday…?

Trust me, I do know what its like to want to get going on a workout but just can’t drum up the motivation. It isn’t that you don’t want to workout and get fit, its just that the couch or bed or that leftover pizza sounds really good right now. So here are a few things you can do to get up and get out ASAP.

1. Be Honest About What You Want and Can Achieve
Lets say someone brings you to a mountain and says that a $1 million dollars sits on top of Mt. Everest with your name on it. You’ve never climbed a mountain. Let’s be real, you avoid climbing stairs if you can. That cash will be icing over atop that mountain, right? Now lets say the same person brings you to a series of hills that progress into small mountains, and says that you have to climb these hills and mountains at a pace that works for you, and at the end you’ll get the cash. You’ll undoubtedly start climbing that first hill right away. That is how fitness and health work. If you have never worked out and are very overweight or very out of shape, immediately jumping in to an Everest sized goal or workout is detrimental and will only keep you pushing it off. “I’d love to look like Gisele, but whats the point of getting up tomorrow to exercise, I’ll never look like that.” Sound familiar? So begin with the small hill. Choose a workout that you know won’t kill you and may only break a small sweat. You’ll be less likely to put off a walk around the block and feel better for it.

2. Choose the Least Inconvenient Time – Choose a Small Amount of Time
People decide they are going to get in shape and start a new workout routine and feel excited about it, until the alarm goes off and they open their eyes and see that not even the sun wants to be up this early. Snooze. Maybe the workout is placed at the end of the day, which is easy to bow out of because its easier to find an excuse such as being too tired or having eaten too much. When you’re just starting, any time can somehow be inconvenient, so choose something that seems the least inconvenient because you’re also starting with a small amount of time. Maybe its 35 minutes during your lunch break. Maybe its a 20 minute circuit at home while the chicken is baking for dinner. Maybe its waking up only 15 minutes earlier for a 1 mile run. Start small and find the time in the day you tend to waste. If you pay attention to your day, it will be easy to determine.

3. Find Motivation That Works for You
Not everyone likes to see pictures of other fit people to motivate themselves to being more fit. For some, thats all they look at before getting off the couch. Maybe its wanting to run around with your kids more, or to regain a size or feeling you had before. While you shouldn’t be after trying to fit into those high school jeans, if fitting into an old dress is what gets you going, get after it! Find what motivation works to trigger your excitement or desire to workout and put it in front of you. Try to stay away from guilting yourself though, since that tends to make you feel worse and keep you from getting up and getting out.

4. Realize You’re An Adult, and You’ve Mastered Ripping the Band-Aid
Exercise is 9/10ths just starting. Once you get going, you feel good about yourself, you feel productive, you are ultimately glad you broke a sweat. Much the same way you know that you just gotta rip the band-aid off, you just have to stand up and start moving. No, there is no one to push you like maybe your coach did when you were younger, but you’re an adult and you push yourself to get up and go to work each day. You know how it works. And just like there are negative consequences to not getting up to go to work, really accept that there are negatives to not living a healthy lifestyle. You’re not a kid any longer, cut out the, “but I don’t wanna” thoughts. Rip the band-aid, get active!

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