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Walk in the Gym, Tackle the Cable Machine

Being someone who spends a lot of time in the gym and talking about the gym, I tend to field a lot of questions and comments. Many of which are from people who haven’t lifted too often and come with the same thing: where do I even start?!
Well relax my little larolifters, I’m about to bring you moves you can walk straight into the gym and start doing. Today, we are going to tackle the Cable Machine. Here are a list of moves you can do that will target your back, triceps, and abs. Bring this up on your mobile device the next time you’re at the gym and have no clue what you’re doing.

Lat Pulldown
The go-to for a lot of lifters when it comes to the back and their lats. Be sure to stay upright and not lay back on the actual pulldown part of the move, keep elbows on your side and of course, squeeze!

Cable Row
A perfect move for your lats and back. A lot of people jerk on this move, which uses more body than the back. Check this video with some excellent tips on form!

Tricep Pushdown
Get your triceps popping with this simple move. People tend to try and overcomplicate tricep moves, so remember that this one is easy but its effective!

Underhand Tricep Pulldown
Mix up your tricep routine with the tiniest of changes, face your palm up instead of down on your next set.

Cable Crunches
Jim Stoppani is pretty amazing at all moves, so watch his form on this and take note. The extension at the top of the move is critical and helps you engage your abdominals fully.

Face Pulls
This is all about the squeeze! Pull it back, keep the elbows high, and squeeze to engage the muscles!

High to Low Wood Choppers
I always throw this move in on ab days because it forces your abs to fully control the move. You’ll know if you’re using your legs or arms pretty quickly!

Straight Arm Cable Pushdown
This move hits your lats and takes proper form, so be sure to watch the video!

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