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There’s a Town Built to Feed Your Musclebound Ego

If you haven’t heard about Lilleputthammer (translated page here), a tiny town in Norway, then you’re missing out. When I say tiny, I mean in it’s structural size, not in population.

The town was originally built as a fun attraction for kids, outfitted with 44 tiny shops, cafes, bakeries, and hotels. There are obstacles and trains and all sorts of fun things for kids to go crazy doing.

But it isn’t just the kids who are enjoying feeling big, Lilleputthammer has become a big time attraction for bodybuilders who haven’t been able to stroke their “larger than life” ego enough in the mirror. There is nothing that a bodybuilder likes more than feeling too large – hence the undersized tees most of them rock.

Check out the video below of bodybuilders sitting at child sized cafes at Lilleputthammer, trying to fit into the tiny houses, and flexing their muscles next to itty bitty windows that can’t possibly capture all their monumental size. Add a protein bar and free weights, and this is bodybuilder heaven.

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