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The 4 Biggest Pitfalls When Dining Out

Like any other person out there, fitness junkies like myself are often tempted to indulge in amazing smelling, tantalizingly yummy looking, fatty and sodium laden treats. The only difference between people who can turn these things down versus those that can’t: an obsession with having abs :)

Here at LaroFit, we are a big proponent on enjoying your life. If you prefer prepped meals chalk full of chicken and broccoli, good on ya! If you’re someone who needs some treats thrown in the mix, like a dinner out with friends guilt free, then read on for ways to avoid feeling awful after a night out on the dining town!

No Matter What You Say, You’re Not Hungry Enough to Eat a Horse
The absolute biggest pitfall about eating out are the portion sizes. We all already know this, but it is still pretty difficult to put the fork down when that shrimp scampi is so delicious. If you don’t know the trick already, ask for your meal to be brought out with a to-go box, and then the minute it arrives go ahead and dump half of that plateful into the box. While that may still be more than one serving (depending on the star level of the restaurant), its much better than the alternative. Trust me, when you start talking, you’ll be 10 minutes deep wondering where all your food went.

There’s More Salt On Your Plate Than in the Sea
Before it hits your plate, your meal will be heavy with sodium. From salt to seasonings to butter to sauces, food tastes good because its mixed with every dripping, salty sauce you can think of. Even the chicken and broccoli at most restaurants has been dropped in a vat of butter and thrown over salt rocks before it gets to your plate. Be sure to specify that you don’t want your food cooked with any butter and minimal salt – or if you want to enjoy every delectable taste, then accept the future bloat and drink plenty of water!

It’s Called Compromise…
It’s ok to indulge! Me and pizza have an affair that doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon. But on days where I absolutely need my cheesy, pepperoni lover, the rest of my meals for the day are ultra clean. The same goes for dinners out. Skip the appetizer, pull back on the main course, keep it to one drink or less, and enjoy every single bite of that Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. And don’t share either, that baby is all yours cause you deserve it…you had a very long day.

DO NOT Be a Lush. Or Be One and Just Deal With It
A typical dinner out with friends for both men and women consists of an appetizer or two, a couple beers or glasses of wine while waiting for the apps, waiting for the entree, and waiting for the conclusion of whatever story is being told once the dishes have been cleared. An adult dinner can last 2+ hours. Thats a lot of beer…that’s a lot of wine. The average bottle of beer contains 156 calories and 6.6g carbs while the average glass of white wine is 140 and 4g. Add that to your shrimp scampi (can you tell what I’m craving?) and you’re good for half the upcoming week. Try to not drink your dinner in calories, or compromise on the rest of your food intake to make way for those lush tendencies of yours.

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