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Life Lessons That Apply to Your Health Habits

If you are ever lacking in life advice, head over to Pinterest for some inspiration. Funny thing is that a lot of the lessons you apply to life can also be applied to your health and fitness habits. Here are some life lessons I’ve picked up that I find can help the newest of new get into great fitness habits.

Constantly Looking for an Upgrade Will Get You Nowhere
I can’t blame you, we live in a society where we have access to an overwhelming amount of information, that leads us to finding an idea and immediately ditching it for a new one. Because you can always find better information somewhere, right? It’s why we constantly upgrade our clothes, tech, and relationships. But life takes time, as does your health and fitness. Constantly changing up your routines/diet in hopes that you’ve stumbled on to something better, will leave you struggling to find a rhythm and lacking results.
Upgrade your fitness and diet if it needs it, but then stick with it. Just because everyone is saying how gluten is bad, doesn’t mean its bad for you.

You Don’t Have to Go to Extremes, to Eventually Make Extreme Changes
You want to succeed? Better wake up early, stay up late, barely eat, socialize or live until you achieve success. Sound familiar?
People tend to think that achieving goals in life means you have to make extreme changes overnight, but that just isn’t true. It’s about putting in the effort and hours and knowing the long run will thank you. Fitness hangs over people like giant and extreme commitments. It’s the main reason why people procrastinate so much, because they aren’t ready to make an extreme change in their life. Often, going super extreme sets you up for burn out. Slowly easing yourself into things is a great way to go and its the main way you’ll get healthy and feel better. Slow and steady really does win the race.

Stop Complicating Things
People forget that the simplest explanation is the easiest. In life and in fitness. In life its just figuring out what makes you happy and then finding ways to do that. In fitness it has always been: calories in, calories out. After that, people take the simple and run. The question is, why? People believe that when that simple solution doesn’t work for them, it must not apply to them. The fact is that before simplifying their diet and looking over their fitness, they start life-sized venn diagrams to figure out why things aren’t working. Fitness is much like life in this respect: keep it simple. It’ll work out better and keep you sane.

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