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Do This, Not That…for fat loss

When you’re trying to burn fat, there are 1,000 things you may try to change or think absolutely have to happen. Many of those things seem daunting and boring, and many of those things aren’t necessarily the best things! So check out this quick list of what you can do for fat loss that probably aren’t as hard or awful as you think :)

Increase Your Intensity, Not Your Mileage
There is always controversy when it comes the argument of HIIT versus Steady State cardio, but the fact is that when you increase your mileage and are eating in a calorie deficit manner, your body may skip right over eating your fat during some very long steady state and may consume your muscle since its a better energy source. When you’re trying to lose fat, try substituting more High Intensity Interval Training and less marathon length running.

Eat More Protein, Not Just Cabbage
Protein, protein, protein is what you need to be consuming to help fuel and create more muscle. Greens are absolutely vital, but the biggest change people make to their diets are eating less hearty foods (proteins, starches, complex carbs) and more lettuce, spinach, cabbage. These are great, except your body needs both to be healthy and happy. So grab a handful of spinach and make sure to plop a big piece of chicken on top!

Eat More, Not Less
You’ve had to of heard this a hundred times by now, but when you eat less your body works to keep the fat you have because it isn’t sure it will be getting enough calories. When you starve your body, it will go into survival mode. When you feed your body enough, it receives a signal that it will always get enough calories in. Before you know it, your body fat will melt away.

More Full Body Moves, Less Isolated Ones
Squats, bench, deadlifts are the best compound moves out there. These moves utilize your entire body to execute them, and they help burn more calories than just standing and doing bicep curls only. Isolated moves are excellent for building up specific muscles, but compound moves use more muscles and burn more calories each rep.

Drink More Water, Drink Less Caffeine.
Water is the healthiest thing you can take in and it keeps all parts of you healthy and sustained. People often think they are getting enough liquids through other means – green tea, coffee, sports drinks – but nothing can replace the benefits of drinking enough water. So enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, enjoy a caffeine boost before your workout, but otherwise, keep it light and fresh with H2O.

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