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8 Ways to Woo a Lifter

Dating is already the worst thing ever, but the game is harder for those who live specific lifestyles. You may be dedicated to work, always traveling, or you abide by certain healthy patterns. Being a lifter (or worse, a stage competitor!) can make things difficult. Want to court a lifter to be your one and only? Check out this list and go get ’em tiger.

1. Don’t Ask For Our Advice
Unless you are a fellow lifter or genuinely really need advice, don’t think asking for a lifter’s advice will get you an in. The most annoying thing that happens to trainers and lifters is when a person asks for advice but argues it or doesn’t use it. It’s best to just ask how they got into their hobby and then leave it at that.

2. DO Ask About Our Goals and Their Why
I like talking weight training and workouts, but I love talking about why its my passion. Same goes for other lifters. And the best part is that when you get to hear why they love it, you’ll get to learn more about them, which is your ultimate goal. “I use to be bullied”…”I had a health issue”…”I want to be a good role model”…are common reasons. And this speaks to who a person is.

3. Choose Unique Dates
Walking around the city, bowling, anything that is different than just sitting over food and talking. We love being active, and we love eating, but we are those rare breed of people that choose to sweat each day. You don’t have to think of something crazy, but different is always good.

4. Never Self Deprecate!
Obviously this goes without saying, but in this regards, I mean in the joking way. If you’re trying to date a woman, it isn’t too cute when you jokingly say, “I bet you’re stronger than me!”. Most women don’t want to be stronger than their guy, just saying. Don’t think that you’re complimenting us this way. You’re either bringing attention to something we may not have noticed yet, or you’re saying we are man-beasts (which we don’t always consider the sexiest thing).

5. We Aren’t All Health Nuts, But Please Don’t Be a Cheat Magnet
I’ve gone on dates where the guy only invited me to dinners and always ordered a lot of food to share. Food I wanted to eat. Saying no the first couple of times was easy, but there is only so much a girl can take when facing Dragon Roll after Dragon Roll. We may not be super strict eaters, but if every time I see you becomes a cheat meal, you won’t be seeing me too many times each week. Hopefully your date will speak up, but still, take a pause before your 5th dinner invite.

6. Compliment Something Different, Not Just Our Eyes
The way to a lifter’s heart is through their stomach, the round about way is through complimenting their shoulders. Because strong shoulders are beautiful and round and hard to define and there is a lot of work that goes into making them look that way. So compliment those, compliment our back if you can see it, heck! I’ll take a “I can tell you lift because of how your jeans fit”. That’s not creepy, thats just accurate!

7. Just Pretend Our Food Consumption is Normal
Nothing is more annoying than someone knowing you are particular about your food consumption (type, how much, being overly vigilant of how much salt the chef uses), and they still feel the need to comment on it. If it bothers you that much, please don’t go out with us anymore. We already know we sometimes sound crazy. We’re aware we eat a lot. And no, our meals aren’t always fun. But eye rolling every time we order, “Can I have the sautéed chicken, please just lightly salt and pepper the chicken and no butter on the asparagus, and can I replace the fries with brussel sprouts…er wait, how do you cook the brussel sprouts?”, will get lame.

8. Be Yourself
If we agreed to go out on a date with you, we already know what you look like. So if you’re self conscious about the fact that we look more defined or we are leaner than you, please don’t be. We don’t know you though. Don’t pump up what your workout routine sounds like to impress us. Some workout enthusiasts are okay being the only one in a couple. Don’t ruin how we see you because you didn’t let us get the chance.

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