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Nutrition Spotlight: Mad Greens

*full disclosure, I’ve been happily recruited by Mad Greens to be a MADvocate, which means that they encourage me to try their salads, but I am in no way obligated to post about them. But when you’re this tasty and worthwhile…

So, I’m not a salad person. I like meat as a side to my meat. I swallow up my greens quickly as the thing I “have to” do in order to stay in shape and be healthy. See, it isn’t that I hate the taste of salad, its the fact that a good tasting salad usually comes with tons of sodium and low amounts of protein. Unless you eat your salads the same way I eat my Chipotle, double chicken and some hot salsa.

Speaking of Chipotle, when I found out about Mad Greens, the thing I liked immediately was the fact that I could create my own salad or customize the pre-made ones. Yes, this may not seem like a big deal since tons of places are doing MTO style foods these days, but this is huge for me – and for salads worldwide – since Mad Greens offers a plethora of protein choices. This means that I’m not relegated to only a few options for protein, and my protein choices can really add to the taste. Take a look below at the meal I created on their Nutrition Calculator. Ahhh beautiful low sodium, low calorie, high protein-y goodness.

The Don Quixote, customized

The Don Quixote, customized

So you get why this is huge for me, but let me explain why Mad Greens matters to you. A lot of people believe just eating a salad makes them healthier. Except a lot of you are sitting down at restaurants in front of giant bowls of lettuce that come with loads of sodium, not enough protein, extra fats, and more sugar and carbs than you could possibly believe. Or, many ladies I know make salads for/at work that are lacking in the main thing they should be taking in to create that toned body they are looking for: protein.

Mad Greens offers incredibly tasty and progressive salads, but most importantly, they offer you a meal size that is appropriate, a long list of add-in’s, and the ability to cut out nearly everything that could up your fat/sodium/sugar intake. This is the right way to do salads. They also offer wraps, hummus, paninis, on the spot juices, and for those with a sweet tooth…incredibly fresh and soft cookies.

Mad Greens is growing rapidly but is currently only in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Texas.

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