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10 Excuses for Not Working Out That Are Invalid

We’ve all been there, spending more time talking ourselves out of a workout than actually working out. You go through all of the reasons why you can’t workout or, deserve to skip your workout, all the while dealing with the feeling of unending guilt. Here are all of the reasons you use to get out of a workout, so you can hear how just silly you actually sound.

1. I’m SO Tired
I tend to listen to this song to cope with the whiney feeling that comes after a long day where I pushed off my workout. It goes without saying that working out actually energizes you and for many people, they are constantly tired because they don’t work out enough. It may seem counterintuitive to exert more energy when you’re already tired, but consider a workout like a burst of cold air to the face during a long drive; it’ll perk you up. It’s science.

2. I’m Still Sore From My Last Workout
And you’ll stay sore by sitting around doing nothing. Think of it like hair-of-the-dog, moving your body, stretching and waking your muscles when you’re sore helps with feeling sore. When you sit for too long, your muscles tighten and feel more stiff. You don’t have to go hard, you just gotta go.

3. I’m Already Dressed and Have My Hair Done and Makeup and It’s a Whole Thing…
The magical thing about all of those is that they can be re-done. BUT as a female, I get it, all of that takes time. But here’s how to look at it…after a lot of times making this excuse, your hair and makeup will always look great but probably not great enough to distract from that muffin top, so…

4. I Don’t Have Time, I’m Too Busy
That’s funny, because I guarantee you’ll be wasting at least 15 minutes a day, and there are tons of workouts you can do in that time. Check out my Instagram for some. Also, exercising improves your mental function and focus. So you’re actually limiting the amount of productivity you’re capable of by not setting aside the time to workout.

5. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
There are endless Youtube channels that give tutorials on exercises for the ultra-beginner to the ultra-elite. Instagram has a plethora of exercise videos as well. Facebook, Daily Burn, personal trainers…there are almost too many options available to make this excuse valid. So it isn’t. Stop saying it. Google and go workout.

6. I’m Not Good at It and Don’t Want to Embarrass Myself
But yet, you still feel the need to radio duet with Adele with others in the car.

7. It Hurts Too Much
It hurts cause you’re new, and it will hurt less. If you’ve managed to learn how to walk, talk, and function as a human, give your body the credit it deserves by acknowledging it will get better. And for the mental aspect of it, suck it up. If you need a reminder, try these bracelets.

8. I Mean, I’ll Never Look Like (Insert Name of Physique Goal)
Chances are you don’t have the body type or want to commit the way your dream physique holder does. Or maybe you do, I don’t know, I can’t see who is reading this. But there are a thousand things you do in the day that you continue to do even though you’ll never do it as well as someone else. You probably don’t dress at the level of a fashion icon, but you still wear clothes. You probably don’t cook like Gordon Ramsey, but you still make food. You do these things because you have to and because its good for you. Same deal here.

9. I Hate It
Fair enough. But if you hate your fat or being weak more, then you’re going to have to accept the trade-off. The ROI is there. If your health or physique doesn’t bother you more than breaking a sweat, you’re just not ready. Heart Disease is a good way to get a kick in the butt though.

10. Sweat
This is invalid. Sweat is sexy. If you disagree, no one likes you anyways so you don’t need to look good.

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