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The Secret to Abs: Sliders

Most people believe that a sign of fitness is having a set of abs. Although most of us know better, that healthy and fit doesn’t always look the same or present as a hard body, it doesn’t lessen the fact that a lot of people would love to have a toned stomach to show off for all of their hard work.

While there are tons of exercises to get a great set of abs, one way that works your abs the most and nearly the easiest are with a set of sliders. They force you to engage you core more to keep balance, and the slower you go, the harder it is! Don’t have a TRX at home? Its ok, these are perfect to get that awesome physique! See 3 workouts below that you can do today!

Sliding Mountain Climber into Full Rotation

Sliding Knee Tucks with Wide Out

Sliding V-Pikes

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